See the rainforest through other eyes: get kissed by a monkey, enjoy the untouched forest and experience how suddenly everything changes.

Join us on a trip through Indonesia: in this short VR film #DrawTheLine, you experience the rainforest as if you were in the middle of it. In this unique film, we show you the beauty of the rainforest, but also the consequences of palm oil for the rainforest and its inhabitants.

We created this film in collaboration with WALHI Indonesia for the Milieudefensie / Friends of the Earth #Draw The Line campaign against palm oil.

You can find more information about the campaign and sign the petition here.

How do you direct a monkey? And how do you make a Virtual Reality film in the middle of a rainforest? In this short 'Making of video', we give you a look behind the scenes of the VR movie #DrawTheLine.

List of credits

A WildVreemd production
For Milieudefensie- Friends of the Earth Netherlands
WALHI- Friends of the Earth Indonesia
WALHI Kalimantan Barat
Sintang Orangutan Centre
Directed by - Steye Hallema
Camera operator - Dajo Brinkman
Produced by - Myrthe Brinkman and Marieke Nooren
Editing/ compositing - Hein Lagerweij and Mauritz Seerden
Sound design - Spook FM
Voice casting - Tone of Voice and Copper
Dutch narration - Sarah Bannier
English narration - Leonoor Koster
App development - Hidde de Jong
Campaign design - Kaliber

Orangutan footage made possible by: Sintang Orang Utan Center.
Legal assistance: Prakken d'Oliveira- Human Rights Lawyers.
Special thanks to the communities involved and everybody who helped make this happen.

Thanks to: Open Studio Amsterdam and GGD Amsterdam.