Singing lessons and opera performance in one, through the new technology of virtual reality... this is opera in the twenty-first century. (Volkskrant - Dutch National Newspaper)

Weltatem is an interactive VR opera experience in which you are invited to explore your own voice. We take our audience on a journey through singing: from soft breathing exercises to humming, to a full-voiced melody in which suddenly, unexpectedly, the audience realizes they are singing together with a real-life choir. We synchronize the audience with a real-life choir of opera singers and let them all get immersed in the sound created by the whole group, in this moment.

Weltatem is a unique experience in which different worlds meet. Beyond being a new way of introducing technology into the theatrical realm, it is also the first VR experience that is totally controlled by your own voice - a performance in which opera and the virtual world merge.

Commisioned by the Nederlandse Reisopera/Dutch National Touring Opera
Produced by Het Geluid Maastricht together with WildVreemd.
Music and musical direction/consultation/ voice VR experience: KlangK
directed by Het Geluid Maastricht,
scenography and costumes by Mush design (Marouscha Levy)
Virtual Reality experience designed by Monobanda PLAY
Sound design by (Henk van Engelen)
Weltatem is 40 minutes and available in English, Dutch and German (other languages in consultation). Check for more information and possibilities:

Individual and collective, passive and active, virtual and real; we play with these states to create an experience that is futuristic and ancient. This is Weltatem.

Winner of Dutch Game Awards 'best co-production' & 'best cross-media game', nominated for 'Best Virtual Reality Game' and 'Best music& audio'