You'll encounter astronauts who change the world around you with magic hula hoops, surround you with introspective mirrors until you finally dance with a futuristic native American tribe. Meanwhile, the band Steye&The Bizonkid plays an energetic mix of funk, rock and pop music on cardboard instruments.

What do we care 4? is one of the first Music videos (made in 2014!) that truly explores the potential of Cinematic Virtual Reality. A classic amongst VR-enthusiasts worldwide. How to make a filmic language for VR is the issue filmmakers, artists and scientists are still breaking their heads over. VR director Steye Hallema invented completely new ways of montage for this new medium. Because how to edit in a movie where all the old film rules no longer apply? This resulted in What do we care 4, a fantastic journey through the vast and open plains of filmic language in VR-video.

Nominated for: UK Music Video Award (category: best interactive), Berlin Music Video Award.

Screened at: Cannes Film Festival, Locarno Film Festival, Kaleidoscope (amongst others).

List of credits
Produced by WildVreemd
Music - Steye and The Bizonkid
Director - Steye Hallema
Assistant Director and producer - Marieke Nooren
Set design and costumes - Marouscha Levy
Light Design - Floriaan Ganzevoort
Sponsored by Yellowbird and TAX Videoclipfonds