Singing lessons and opera performance in one, through the new technology of virtual reality... this is opera in the twenty-first century. (Volkskrant - Dutch National Newspaper)

Weltatem is an interactive VR opera experience in which you are invited to explore your own voice. We take our audience on a journey through singing: from soft breathing exercises to humming, to a full-voiced melody in which suddenly, unexpectedly, the audience realizes they are singing together with a real-life choir. We synchronize the audience with a real-life choir of opera singers and let them all get immersed in the sound created by the whole group, in this moment.

Weltatem is a unique experience in which different worlds meet. Beyond being a new way of introducing technology into the theatrical realm, it is also the first VR experience that is totally controlled by your own voice - a performance in which opera and the virtual world merge.

Individual and collective, passive and active, virtual and real; we play with these states to create an experience that is futuristic and ancient. This is Weltatem.

Winner of Dutch Game Awards 'best co-production' & 'best cross-media game' , nominated for ‘Best Virtual Reality Game’ and ‘Best music& audio’